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Назва: Structural changes in renal cortex in experimental skin burn injury and under the condition of infusion solutionsuse
Автори: Lakhtadyr, T.
Ключові слова: skin burn injury
infusion solutions
Lactoproteinum with sorbitol
structural changes
renal cortex
Дата публікації: 30-жов-2019
Видавництво: Tallin, Estonia
Серія/номер: 3;
Короткий огляд (реферат): Aim of research is the establishment of structural features of the course of the adaptive-compensatory and regenerative processes in the cortical substance of the rat kidney in late terms after experimental burn skin injury and the use of HAESLX-5 % is relevant for theoretical and practical medicine. Materials and methods.The article presents and analyzes the results of an experimental study on the structural changes of the cortical substance of the kidneys in rats in late terms after burn injury of the kidney with the condition of administration of intravenous infusion of 0.9 % NaCl solution and complex colloid-hyperosmolar solutions of lactoprotein with sorbitol and HAES-LX-5 %. Comparative analysis showed that functionally different cells of the nephrons under the infusion of detoxification solutions in the conditions of development of burn disease die by necrosis, apoptosis and anoikis. Also in epithelial cells of nephron tubules there weremitophagy and mitoptosis. Result. Mitoptosis in epithelial cells of rat nephron tubules with experimental burn skin injury was carried out in two ways, which are related to I – destruction of the outer mitochondrial membrane; II – preservation of the outer mitochondrial membrane and attachment of autophagic (mitophagic) mechanisms to release the cell from degraded mitochondrial material. In the first case, the mitochondria first condensed, after which its matrix swelled and the fragmentation of the cross occured due to the destruction of the cross compounds. Finally, the outer mitochondrial membrane broke and the remnants of the crystals (in the form of vesicles) went into the cytoplasm. In the second case, the mitochondria condensed, vesicular fragmentation of the sac occured, but the outer mitochondrial membrane retained its integrity and the mitochondria were absorbed by the autophagosome. Next, autophagosomes merged with lysosomes and formed autophagolysosomes, which, subject to effective content processing, were transformed into vacuoles. The latter were emptied by exocytosis and ensured the cell was free from degraded material. Conclusions. Only a lactoprotein with sorbitol has a membrane-plastic effect aimed at strengthening the mitochondrial membrane, in part of the mitochondria of epithelial cells of nephron tubules is ultrastructurally increased by the electron density and thickness of all components of the mitochondrial membrane. The maximal membrane effect of the action of lactoprotein with sorbitol on the mitochondria manifests itself fourteen days after the experimental burn skin injury and gradually (twenty-one and thirty days later) disappears, which coincides with the improvement of the overall clinical condition. There is every reason to believe that increased structuralization of mitochondria is a safeguard for the spread of mitoptosis and mitophagy, the excessive nature of which can lead to cell death.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://ir.librarynmu.com/handle/123456789/1250
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