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Знайдені матеріали:
Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2019Development of a Method for Prediction of Risk of Surface and Groundwater Contamination with Pesticides and Their Dangerous Aspects for Human HealthAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Korshun, M.; Omelchuk, S.
2019Substantiation of the curriculum of preparation of the bachelor of public health in UkraineGruzieva, T.; Hrechyshkina, N.; Pelo, I.; Omelchuk, S.
2019Forecasting the risk of bifenthrin-based insecticides for human health when consuming agricultural products grown after their applicationOmelchuk, S.; Vavrinevych, O.; Antonenko, A.; Bardov, V.
2019Experience of scientific and research work of hygiene and ecology institute implementation at the course of discipline “hygiene and ecology” study for foreign studentsAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Omelchuk, S.; Bardov, V.
2019Substantiation of necessity for monitoring in the environmental objects of avermectin insecticides considering their possible impact on the thyroid glandAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Omelchuk, S.; Shpak, B.; Bardov, V.; Novokhatska, O.; Zinchenko, T.; Tkachenko, S.
2019Hygienic substantiation of selection criteria for fungicides monitoring in waterAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Omelchuk, S.; Bardov, V.; Zinchenko, T.
2019-05Hygienic evaluation of oxiacetamide, triazinone and bipyridiliums herbicides behavior in soil, prediction of ground water contamination risk and its danger for human healthAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Omelchuk, S.; Bardov, V.
2019Integrated assessment of the potential hazard of insecticides exposure to the human body when consuming contaminated agricultural products (on bifenthrin example)Antonenko, A.; Omelchuk, S.; Vavrinevych, O.; Bardov, V.
2019Microbiome modification as possible way to reduce toxic load in agriculture (on the example of cereal spiked crops treatmentsPasha, Y.; Blagaia, A.; Omelchuk, S.; Pelo, I.; Ponomarchuk, V.; Bardov, V.
2019-11-28Hygienic estimation of operators' and workers' exposure by fungicides during its application on cereal spiked cropsKondratiuk, M.; Blagaia, A.; Bardov, V.; Merezhkina, N.; Omelchuk, S.