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Знайдені матеріали:
Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2018Hygienic assessment of fungycides on human health influence risk after consumption of agricultural products grown in their applicationAntonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.
2019Development of a Method for Prediction of Risk of Surface and Groundwater Contamination with Pesticides and Their Dangerous Aspects for Human HealthAntonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Korshun, M. M.; Omelchuk, S. T.
2018Comparative hygienic evaluation of behavior of different pesticides groups in soil, prediction of risk of ground water contamination and its danger for human health in areas with irrigation farmingNovokhatska, O. O.; Kondratiuk, M. V.; Stavnichenko, P. V.; Antonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.; Bardov, V. G.
2018Epidemiologic evaluation of thyroid diseases morbidity of Ukrainian adult population from 2000 to 2013Antonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.; Korshun, M. M.
2019Forecasting the risk of bifenthrin-based insecticides for human health when consuming agricultural products grown after their applicationOmelchuk, S. T.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Antonenko, A. M.; Bardov, V. G.
2019Experience of scientific and research work of hygiene and ecology institute implementation at the course of discipline “hygiene and ecology” study for foreign studentsAntonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.; Bardov, V. G.
2019Forecasting of the hazard of emamectine benzoate insecticide on human health in the consumption of fruits growed with the application of formulations based on itAntonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Shpak, B. I.; Omelchuk, S. T.
2019Forecasting of the hazard for human health of the consumption of vegetables grown with the application of abamectin-based insecticide formulationsAntonenko, A. M.; Shpak, B. I.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Borysenko, A. A.; Omelchuk, S. T.
2019Hygienic substantiation of calculating models for prognosis of toxicity of different classes insecticides (first part)Antonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.; Shpak, B. I.
2019Hygienic substantiation of selection criteria for fungicides monitoring in waterAntonenko, A. M.; Vavrinevych, O. P.; Omelchuk, S. T.; Bardov, V. G.; Zinchenko, T. I.