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Знайдені матеріали:
Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2022Assessment of spiromesifen peculiarities of migration into groundwater and surface water and prediction of risks to human health when using such water for drinking purposes.Tkachenko, I.; Antonenko, A.; Borysenko, A.; Omelchuk, S.; Melnychuk, F.; Anisimov, Y.
2018Hygienic substantiation of calculation models for toxicity prognosis of different herbicides classesAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Korshun, M.; Omelchuk, S.; Novokhatska, O.; Stavnichenko, P.
2019Development of a Method for Prediction of Risk of Surface and Groundwater Contamination with Pesticides and Their Dangerous Aspects for Human HealthAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Korshun, M.; Omelchuk, S.
2019Hygienic substantiation of the selection criteria for monitoring of pesticides as risk factors for development of thyroid diseasesAntonenko, A.
2021Forecasting of dangerous influence of avermectin insecticides to human organism using surface and groundwater for drinkingAntonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Shpak, B.; Omelchuk, S.
2018Epidemiologic evaluation of thyroid diseases morbidity of Ukrainian adult population from 2000 to 2013Antonenko, A.; Vavrinevych, O.; Omelchuk, S.; Korshun, M.
2020Hygienic substantiation of calculating models for prognosis of toxicity of dif-ferent classes insecticides (second part)Vavrinevych, O.; Shpak, B.; Antonenko, A.; Omelchuk, S.; Zinchenko, T.
2023-01-12Development of the method for determining the content of the synthetic dye diamond blue fcf in the sorption material by the high-performance liquid chromatorgaphy methodBorysenko, A.; Antonenko, A.; Holoborodko, S.; Antonyuk, K.; Milokhov, D.; Korshun, O.; Omelchuk, S.
2023-03-30Assessment of potential hazard for humans when eating apples and grapes treated wiht insecticide based on spiromesifenTkachenko, I.; Antonenko, A.; Bardov, V.; Omelchuk, S.
2022Ecological and hygienic assessment and regulation of innovative technology of pesticide application using unmanned aerial vehiclesBorysenko, A.; Antonenko, A.; Omelchuk, S.; Bilous, S.; Melnychuk, F.