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dc.contributor.authorChuhray, Svetlana N.-
dc.contributor.authorLavrynenko, Viktoria E.-
dc.contributor.authorKaminsky, Rostyslav F.-
dc.contributor.authorShobat, Larysa B.-
dc.contributor.authorKovalchuk, Oleksandr I.-
dc.contributor.authorChaikovsky, Yuri B.-
dc.contributor.authorSokurenko, Liudmyla M.-
dc.identifier.citationWiadomości Lekarskieuk_UA
dc.descriptionArterial hypertension is a pathological condition that is accompanied by a constant or periodic increase in blood pressure in comparison with the age norm. According to statistics, one fifth of the adult population of the world suffers from arterial hypertension [1]. In most cases, arterial hypertension is secondary to diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular, endocrine conditions. Among the latter a significant place belongs to hypothyroidism, a disease caused by a deficiency of hormones of the thyroid gland in the body, or a decrease in their biological effect at the tissue level [2]. Arterial hypertension is found in 10-30% of patients with hypothyroidism, and disorders of hemomicrocirculation play an important, and sometimes crucial, role in its pathogenesis [3, 4, 5]. Since there is evidence of the difference between the clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism and arterial hypertension, depending on age [6, 7] we were interested in the difference in morphofunctional changes in these diseases.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe aim: Studying changes in the ultrastructure of blood circulatory capillaries of the myocardium of mature rats with hypothyroidism and arterial hypertension. Materials and methods: Experiments were conducted on (240 days) 10 ISIAH (inherited stress-induced arterial hypertension) line rats with AH (arterial hypertension), 10 Wistar line rats with congenital hypothyroidism and 10 intact animals. Arterial pressure was measured, and the development of hypothyroidism was controlled by the immune enzyme method. The study of the left ventricle myocardium of the rat heart was carried out by electron microscopic and morphometric studies. Results: In in rats with AH the following changes were observed in the blood capillaries of the myocardium: decrease in the number of capillaries; disturbance of blood circulation; the number of organelles of the biosynthetic plan and structures involved in the transendothelial transfer of substances decreased in endothelial cells; lysis and edema of the latter; mucinous perivascular edema, confirmed by the accumulation of fine-fibrillar structures, collagen fibers, cellular detritus. By the same term, in the group with congenital hypothyroidism, dystrophic-destructive changes in the blood capillaries of the myocardium acquired the highest degree, which resulted in a decrease in their number due to destruction. Ultrastructure of the biosynthetic plan organelles and structures of the transendothelial transfer of substances were in decompensated state. Conclusions: The rats (in 240 days) with AH and congenital hypothyroidism express breakdown of compensatory processes in the capillaries of the myocardium. This is manifested by the further dilution of capillaries, the development of hypoxic state in them as well as mucinous edema of interstitium, the decrease of activity of biosynthetic and transport processes.uk_UA
dc.publisherAluna Publishinguk_UA
dc.subjectblood capillariesuk_UA
dc.subjectcongenital hypothyroidism,uk_UA
dc.subjectelectron microscopyuk_UA
dc.titleCardiovascular system of the mature rats with congenital hypothyroidism and arterial hypertensionuk_UA
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