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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2022Survival after stereotactic radiosurgery of recurrent glioblastomas in patients with radical resection of primary tumorGriazov, A.; Glavatskyi, O.; Zemskova, O.; Gryazov, A.; Chuvashova, O.; Khmelnytskyi, H.; Shuba, I.; Kruchok, I.; Shevelov, M.; Stuley, V.
2022Сучасні погляди на молекулярні та судинні механізми розвитку прееклампсіїШуміліна, Т.; Сливка, Я.
2022Pancreatic abscess: a modern look at an old problemPrytkov, F.; Yurkin, D.
2022Research of technological properties of medicinal plant raw material of Siberian StaticeKopel, V.; Barna, O.; Plaskonis, Y.
2022ERAS protocol in practice of general surgeon. Our experience.Prykhodko, Y.; Ioffe, O.; Stetsenko, O.
2022Role interleukin 18 in the course and progression of osteoarthritis in patients with obesityLitvynova, A.
2022C-Reactive protein / prealbumin coefficient, as a new marker in diagnosis and monitoring of the treatment efficacy in patients with malignant obstructive jaundice, complicated by ascending cholangitisLevchenko, L.; Dronov, O.
2022Correlation between expression of immunohistochemical markers and morphology in lung neuroendocrine neoplasmsChytaieva, H.; Shkurupii, B.; Zakhartseva, L.
2022Fetal macrosomia: analysis of the maternal and neonatal outcomes and complicationsPylypenko, N.; Tuchkina, I.
2022The efficacy of nutritional screening tools for diagnosis of malnutrition in children with epidermolysis bullosaOjukwu, V.; Singh, O.